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Product Details

Type: G Series 3-3.5T AC Four-Wheel Electric Counterbalaned Forklift Trucks

Specifications :

Model CPD30 CPD35

Configuration No.

G1/G2 G1/G2

Driving mode

Load capacity kg 3000 3500
Load center mm 500—————————————————————-
Standard mast lifting height mm 3000—————————————————————

Overall length

(without forks)

mm 3555 3620
Overall width mm 1225—————————————————————
Gradeability,with load %  15 12
Turning radius mm 2210 2270

Travel speed

Km/h 15.5/15 15/14.5
Service weight kg 4810

 Products and specifications are subject to change without notice, the actual product is the standard.

Main Features :

● Reliable AC Traction motor and AC Pump motor which are brushless and maintenance free.
● Reliable AC Traction controller and AC Pump controller self-protecting and maintenance free.
● Intertactive communication multifunctional LED meter with friendly interface, display mass  information, password handing and maintenance free.
● Standard CAN BUS interface for simple and reliable communication.
● Travel speed and lifting speed closed loop control.
● Powerful security, self-braking on ramp.
● New technology of dynamic signal load sensing in hydraulic system.
● Travel speed normal/cutback choice function.
● Electromagnetic compatibility reaches international standards.

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