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Product Details

Type: G Series 28-32T I.C. Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Specifications :

Model CPCD280-V CPCD300-V CPCD320-V
Power type Diesel
Load capacity kg 28000 30000 32000
Load center mm 1200————————————-
Max. lifting height mm 4000————————————-
Overall length(without forks) mm 6800————————————-
Overall width mm 3450————————————-
Overall height(cab) mm 3930————————————-
Min. turning radius mm 6395————————————-
Max. travel speed(without load) Km/h 26—————————- 25
Service weight kg 40000 41500 43000

 Products and specifications are subject to change without notice, the actual product is the standard.

Main Features :

VOLVO Diesel engine, comply to EPA standards on None-road application, with genuine attached parts to guarantee the normal use and maintenance.


ZF Transmission system. This transmission system integrated various control software in one controller, easy to handle. It can also be diagnosed easily with the diagnostic machine interface.


Kessler Front Axle. This Axle has high load capacity and brake torque to be safe and reliable enough. Wet type brake is water-resistant and dust-resistant and maintenance free.


Parker Main Hydraulic system. Using prior-steering strategy Pre-open valve on Multicontrol Valve to separate the operation level and control valve to realize remote control. It can be operated with comfort and safety and release the tension of the driver.


The mast is very strong and durable, and with integral side-shifting fork positioner. It’s unnecessary to fit additional side shift.

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