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Product Details

Type: 1.0-2.0T AC Electric Pallet Stackers

Specifications :

Model CDD10/12-J2 CDD10/12L-J2 CDD16-J2 CDD16L-J2 CDD20-J2 CDD20L-J2
Load capacity kg 1000/1200———————- 1600————————– 2000—————————
Operator type Walking Pedestrian Walking Pedestrian Walking Pedestrian
Standard mast lifting height  mm 2700——————————————————————————————————–
Overall length  mm 1940 2430 1990 2480 1990 2480
Overall width  mm 800———————————————————————————————————
Turning radius  mm 1586 2076 1636 2126 1636 2126
Travel speed(with/without load)  km/h 5.0/6.0—————————————————————————————————–
Total weight(with battery) kg 1034 1070 1114 1150 1114 1150

 Products and specifications are subject to change without notice, the actual product is the standard.

Main Features :

● Integrated hydraulic power unit

Integrated hydraulic power unit is coming from BUCHER. It Integrated DC motor, gear pump, valve and relevant pipe, thus it can work with high reliablity, stability, low power consumption, energy saving, low noise and environment protection.

● Integral drive units

ZF drive unit made in Germany. Intergral uprighness installation separately excited traction motor, with Lenze electronagnetic spring loaded brake. Import  gearbox and drive wheels superexcellent capablity, steady and credible quality.

● Mosfet electronic controller

Curtis electric accessory made in America. We applied curtis electronic accessories in our products. The electronic controller has many functions such as regenerative braking, inwers inverse braking and steplen timing, etc. The dependability is excellent.

● Import mul-function assembled instrument

The import mul-function assembled instrument has the functions of working time display, battery capability display.

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